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Translucent Panties

This week’s upskirt times update brings you a babe with quite the unique looking panties. You’ll see what we’re talking about in just a bit, but first let’s get to talk a bit about this cutie here for a bit. It seems that she was suppose to meet someone around here, but they never showed up, and with the cute outfit she was wearing she was standing out. Naturally there just had to be some shots of her sexy ass and panties so there was an eagerness for her to get on the escalator. Eventually she did so and oh lord, was the wait worth it. Sit back and check out this chick for this week’s scene if you want to see how the perfect ass and legs look like.

And not only that, but how they look like when they come paired with one cutie of a babe too. She has long hair of course and a very cute face too. Her outfit was composed of a shirt and a blue dress and for the times now, it’s very fashionable. Anyway, like you can guess, the best part starts when she gets on the stairs. Just take your time to see some generous views of her amazing legs this afternoon and see the camera pan up to show off her amazing ass as well. And with that you will observe that she was sporting quite the kinky panties as well. Great view and upskirt times scene with a great babe, so enjoy it and see you next week for another new and fresh gallery!


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