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Lady in Black

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back. Upskirt times is back again with more nice scenes for you to see as always. By now you know what you can find here and how frequent too. Well much like the babe that you got to see last week, this week’s little lady also has something to show you and it’s quite hot and sexy as well. She’s wearing the same colored dress as you can see and the only difference is her panties and hair color as they are pink and her hair is long and blonde. And yes, there’s a lot of shots with those panties to see. Let’s not beat around the metaphorical bush and just get this going to see the hottie in some action shall we?

The metro is the best upskirt times spot as always, and the camera of course, moves fast into position behind this hot babe. Sit back and relax as you get to see straight away some great shots under her sexy skirt. And of course, there’s also her sexy ass. Just watch those nice and tight panties wrap perfectly around those buns of hers and see the glorious sight. As she was moving around you even get to see some shots of the front, and of course her pink pussy. We hope that you enjoyed this new and hot gallery update with the amazing babe today and as per usual we will be leaving for now. See you next week gals and guys with another new gallery!


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